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Monday, July 26, 2010

Firefox plugin for Ultrasurf Anonymous web surfing.

As stated in my previous post Anonymous web surfing|fast proxy servers with Ultrasurf, Ultrasurf is a useful software to hide your Ip address thus maintaining your online privacy helping in anonymous web surfing. As stated earlier, Ultrasurf is used to bypass firewall restrictions and even bypass Rapidshare restrictions.

But, the disadvantage of using Ultrasurf is that it is useful for Internet Explorer users only. Hence, for making it compatible with firefox (the most popular browser among hackers), Firefox addon "WJ" is used.

What is WJ??

As stated already, WJ is a firefox addon used to make Ultrasurf compatible with Firefox. The addon makes it possible to change proxy settings for firefox. But, remember, for this addon to work properly, you should have Ultrasurf running.

Firefox addon for ultrasurf

On installing the addon, its presence is displayed in status bar by "WJ Enabled" or "WJ Disabled".

If you have accidently disabled it, enable it by clicking on it..

How to download this addon:

1. Run your Firefox.
2. Download the zipped addon file from:

Download WJ addon for Firefox.

3. Now unzip the downloaded file.
4. Now double click on this file and open it with firefox. It will open with firefox and a dialog box asking about addon installation.
5. Click Install and addon will be installed.
6. Restart Firefox to see the addon status in status bar.

How to use WJ:

1. Now, start Ultrasurf with addon "WJ enabled".
2. Ultrasurf will provide with 3 proxy servers.
3. Select any one of them having max speed and now your IP address is changed.
4. Done.

So guys, i hope you will enjoy anonymous web surfing with Ultrasurf. Now, no need to have proxy server list or search for free public fast proxy servers. Just Ultrasurf.

Enjoy HaCkInG.....